Google Search Marketing

Google Search Marketing


Google Search Marketing also known as Google Ads is a paid service used to gain the popularity in short period of time. When patient search for any services on search engine, then the top three searches on first pages are Ads by Google. We can usually see it in a small box of left or right side of the Heading. This ads are created by Doctors or hospitals.

Most of the searches are made on search engines like Google. The prospect patient’s look for the top results and we make sure the presence of your service is listed at the top of search engines like Google when a patient searches for the treatment he is looking for.

Google Ad campaigns are run by the owner or the manager handling the account. Hopeland  Healthcare runs Google Adword from the email id especially created for that specific doctor or hospital.

These ads are created by creating a campaign. We at Hopeland are expertise in creating and handling Google Ads. We create an ad from the patient’s perspective. There are many factors involved in Google Search Marketing, like to create an ad and manage it according to the age group, location, time, etc. Hopeland Healthcare is excel in handling all these demographics.

We can also allocate a specific time so that any doctors or hospital ad will be visible only in that particular time slot. Google Search Marketing works on paid ads, which means a Doctor or a Hospital have to invest some amount monthly budget to us, to help us publishing a very attractive ad for you which is linked to a well structured and attractive landing page in a website. Landing pages are the pages in website especially designed for Google Adwords. We include every aspect in landing page to make sure that patient gets converted.  Google Adwords work on everyday basis budget algorithm, which means while setting up an ad for you we set up a daily budget. If the budget exceeds its limit for the day, the ad stops appearing on search engine for that particular day. To avoid this issue we come up with new strategies depending upon the campaigns we are publishing.

For Eg: Mostly this things happens that, the patient’s age is above 50 or 60 years and mostly in this cases their wards look for the services or the surgeries needed. Then for a normal working person to see the ad and visit our website our time slot should be of the early morning, when they are heading towards office or and in evening, when they are returning home or already returned. In this way the ads will be visible only on the given slots and thus unnecessary budget reduction can be avoided.