Ranking Your Website On First Page Of Google

doctors marketing

After creating and launching the website, the next but very crucial step is to rank the website on first page of Google. When a patient searches for any service keyword he gets a result depending upon two aspects:

  • Patient gets a result of those doctors or hospitals which are most popular.
  • He gets the result of the nearby location.

Both this aspects are fulfilled in Hopeland Online. Here we have a specially dedicated team to who researches on the keyword specific services. The research is mostly done on the common word basis, as what the particular surgery, disease or condition is called in layman terms.

Website ranking is totally based on using the exact appropriate keywords. This keywords are then used in On Page SEO technique.

OnPage SEO is a technique used in Digital Marketing to rank the website in Google Search results. Especially location based keywords are also implemented in the website so that when a patient search for a particular service in a location, that doctor’s website will get searched in it. And in this way there are more chances for the patient to get converted into a lead.

Ranking a Doctor’s website on Google Search Engine is a much difficult task as it takes almost 4-5 months of hard work. Hopeland has an innovative team to come up with new strategies.

The benefit for Doctors here is that, they don’t need to wait for 8 to10 years of their practice to build a brand for themselves. With the help of On Page SEO, website will start get ranking in 4 to 5 months and doctors will start generating leads online.